David Gabriel

I would like to write the strongest of recommendations for RGS. Rene is a rare, honorable man, who is good for his word, and you can trust every aspect of your renovation to his skill and judgment. His judgment is key because he knows exactly what aspects of the renovation are practical and those that are not, if you do not have the experience yourself. But, he will always listen to you and what you want. In our particular case, we have found that listening to his advice that has saved us great expense.

His estimates were accurate and timelines ‘spot on.’ He was sensitive that the extensive renovations displaced my family from their routine and home conveniences. He complete them as fast and efficiently as possible without sacrificing quality. Rene was also extremely respectful of the home and family situation.

We first hired Rene to renovate our upstairs and downstairs bathrooms. We were so impressed with the quality of the work and our personal interactions that we ask him to return to renovate our kitchen. These renovations were extensive and also involved the living room to create an open concept first floor. One aspect involved a very delicate procedure of replacing a support beam, without damaging the ceiling. It was a herculean feat that he took on to save a great deal of money off the total cost.

No renovation goes exactly as planned. When walls are knocked down and appliances removed, unanticipated problems can be revealed due to incompetent DIYs of a previous owner. That is where Rene’s experience really pays off. His problem solving abilities are second to none. You can trust Rene to provide you with several excellent solutions while keeping the cost within agreed upon limits. It is hard to find someone to trust implicitly. Again, if you do not have the experience, you can trust him to select the best solution to your advantage, not his.

Because of all these wonderful qualities, we brought him back to redo our roof. And, we will keep bring him back to handle whatever task is necessary. My wife refers to Rene as “the useful husband” and I am OK with that.


Highly recommend RGS for any construction project. We have contracted them for both small and larger jobs, inside and outside and been left smiling every time. Professional craftsmanship and good work ethic. Thanks guys.

Bob and Karen

Rene did a n excellent job fencing the yard of our new house. Due to construction activities beside our house, the project was spread over two years. Each time Rene complete the project on time, within the budget and did the work when he said he would. He offered suggestions on the best type of fence for our lot and he and his crew carried out the work in professional manner.


Rene has built a house addition and remodeled parts of my house. I work with Rene for two reasons. First, unlike many others I have had do work, he does what he says. Work happens when he has told me that it will happen. Second, Rene work is of high quality. He does not use cheap materials and does not cut corners. Since my first project with Rene I have never called anyone else.


In the summer of 2012, we had an issue with moisture, rot and the onset of carpenter ants in the roof above our master bedroom. At the time I was 8 months pregnant and did not need any extra stress added to my plate. Luckily, R.G.S. Carpentry provided fast, efficient and superior service to solve the problem. In less than three days, they removed the old (flat) roof, reframed and shingled a new roof. In 2009, they also replaced 19 windows and doors, insulated and sided our house for us. All work has been of superior quality and I would not hesitate to call Rene again!